Kalsarpa Pooja

Kalsarpa pooja

According to astrological strategy Kalsarpa takes place when all the planets come between Rahu & Ketu. This results in corollary and sorrow. As a person having Kalsarp yog in his horoscope, he would not be successful in any work if he is also embedding his entire efforts. This leads to negativity & inadequacy. The vidhi of  Kalsarpa is done by vaidik procedure and it  is very effective whereas  very simple.

Kalsarp yog can occur in any person as he may be rich or poor, for example a rich businessman, a poor man, king , president etc. Those who have Kalsarp Sarp Yog in horoscope they are not suffering from any major difficulties but they will suffer from some pressure , fear & some uncertainity.

Kalsarpa yog is more dangerous than other fatal yog. This yog effects a person till 55 years, throughout his life which is depend upon the position of KalSarpa yog.

There are twelve types of Kalsarpa yog which some of them includes Ananta Kaal sarpa Yog , Kulik Kaals arpa Yog , Vasuki Kaal sarpa Yog etc. But The Final Yog is Shesnag Kaal sarpa Yog, which is very dangerous as it is a symbol of insecurity & early death.

Kalsarpa Shanti Pooja is clutched at Tryambakeshwar

Kalsarpa Yog Shanti Pujan must be occupied  according to the assembly  of the Vedic Shanti heritage. The ritual is begun with a holy dip in the Godavari representing  the distillation of the mind and soul. Supervine  by worshipping Lord Mahamritunjay Trimbakeshwar only after which the main ceremony of Kalsarpa Shanti Pooja begins.

When Pooja takes place the person has to admit whatever sins he have done in his life then he has to pay a forfeiture of donating cow , gold  , butter ect. such as ten things to the spiritual guide. Thus it is compulsory to each & every person suffering from Kalsarpa Yog whether he may be rich or poor.

When these things are done the kalsarp yog eliminates from our horoscope namely Birth/ Gochar /Zodiac which is mentioned in the prime resolution according to the Vedic Conclusions.

After that the main ceremony begins by Ganesh Pujan & Varun Pujan i.e. Kalash(pot) Pujan. In this ceremony Holy Water is rendered with the respect of God and he is worshipped. The person who worship is blessed through Swastivachan with Punyam, Kalyanam, Ridhim, Swastim and Shreeha.

In the main ritual, the sixteen conforms of Goddess Durga are worshipped as the second important rite. By praising Planets/Stars the person gets strength & knowledge.

Lord Shiva is praised for absolution  for all the mistakes and offences. After that Fire is worshipped to indulge all the Gods. Fire is a prophet of God. Sacrifice is to be done to gratify  left/reverse powers. An offering of rice is paid to ghost, evil spirits,ect. This Complete procedure leads to fulfillment of Kalsarp Shanti Pujan.

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